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All seminars are 2.5 hours
See calendar for dates, times and locations

1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Overview
You will learn a basic overview of the powerful and magical ways NLP has been used to create profound positive changes in people’s lives.   This seminar will also discuss the history of NLP as well as reviewing the presuppositions that NLP is based on.  In addition we will discuss the concepts and theory of NLP and how NLP can be a significant resource in creating positive changes in your life!

2. Redesigning your Life – Personal Growth and Development series

A.  Group coaching session I

Resolving internal conflicts – Have you ever felt like you had one foot on the brake and one foot on the pedal, exerting tremendous energy yet going nowhere?  Or perhaps watching two horse tied together trying to go in different directions.  Energy is spent without any movement.  Perhaps you wanted to go for you goals yet felt fear or resistance to really going all out.  Or on one hand you wanted to do something yet on the other hand you wanted to stay home.  No matter what the issue is, an internal conflict arose.   This group coaching will demonstrate how to resolve internal conflicts and integrate various “parts” of oneself into congruency and alignment with your goals using the powerful and magical tools of NLP!

B.  Group coaching session II

Creating a positive mental attitude – You have heard it before 95% of success is having a positive mental attitude.  Learn how to create a positive mental attitude that will pave the way to a life of passion, excitement and fulfillment.  Your attitude is a choice and the choice is now yours to create the life you want using the powerful and magical tools of NLP!

C. Group coaching session III

Understanding Intervention points for change - People can be described and understood on a number of different levels:  Environment, behaviors, capabilities, values and beliefs, identity and spiritual.   Learn how each level influences other levels and how these levels have a profound impact on your life.  You will learn how you can successfully develop, grow and evolve at all these levels and create positive changes in your life!

D. Group coaching session IV

Changing Negative thought patterns – It is not the events of your life that determine your state of mind, it is how you interpret those events. This seminar will teach you how to reinterpret the events of your life in an empowering way as well as how to re-focus your attention to what you really want.  You will also learn how to ask question that re-direct your mind to possibilities and opportunities. 

3. Changing how you think about Time – The ultimate in time management.

Does it feel like you just don’t have enough time?  Learn new ways of thinking about time that will create a renewed sense of control and empowerment.   This seminar will teach you how you code time, perceive time and distort time.  Discover the psychological aspects of time and how you create meaning regarding time.  In addition, we will discuss techniques for managing your time and creating more time for what you truly desire in life!

4. Discover your passion and purpose in life!
How would life be different if you were fully living your passion and purpose?  How would this impact your family life, finances, career, health and well being, relationships and spirituality?  This seminar will provide you with ways to discover your passion and purpose in life.  In addition, you will learn how to write a mission statement which will serve as a guide to aligning your behaviors, capabilities and beliefs to support your mission.  This empowering alignment of each aspect of yourself will create powerful results.  Come experience a life of fulfillment and purpose!

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